UVA UVB UVC led strip, 280nm 310nm 365nm 390nm 410nm are most famous.

UV led strip has rigid led strip and flexible led strip.

280nm SMD3535 LED rigid strip and 365nm SMD2835 led flexible strip, 380-390nm SMD2835 LED rigid strip are hot sales.

UV led bar has many functions and can be used in many places.

UVA 320-420nm: making trap light, ore identification, money detector, stage decoration.

UVB 275-320nm: health care light, led grow light.

UVC 200-275nm: germicidal lamp, disinfection or sterilization

We can supply power supply with UV led strip, usually, Meanwell driver with 280nm smd3535 led rigid strip.

Use top-quality UV led, real wavelength, be 100% responsible for our products and customers.

LED rigid strip can add an aluminum profile to protect the UV led.

Can’t drop glue to cover UV led, also can’t add pc cover, as UV wavelength only can pass through quartz glass.

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