Use aluminum PCB or fiberglass PCB to make led rigid strip, it can’t be bent.

Bare led rigid strip or add an aluminum profile or PC cover are optional.

Low constant working voltage has 5V 12V 24V 48V.

The high working voltage has AC110V 220V.

Constant current led rigid strip light bars are available, usually used in led panel light, led tube light or other places.

Waterproof rank has non-waterproof IP20, IP40, rainproof IP65, and waterproof IP68.

Except IP68 can be used in water, others all can only be used indoor or in some places where have cover or shelter.

Constant voltage led rigid strip can be cut.

For 12V led rigid strip, commonly every 3 LEDs is one group, each group can be cut.

For 24V led rigid strip, commonly every 6 LEDs is one group, each group can be cut.

We only produce good quality led rigid strip, so we adopt very good quality material, like 1.6mm thick and 2-ounce copper PCB, high thermal conductivity PCB, epistar / LG / Samsung / Seoul chip led.

We can design new products according to your requirements (working voltage, led type, led quantity, PCB size, power, color), ensure to make customers satisfied.

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