LED PCB means that one pcb board has some LEDs on it.

PCB material has aluminum and fr4 commonly.

We can make different shape led pcb board, circle, square, rectangular, triangle, ring, sector, oval, etc.

LED pcb can adopts many kinds of SMD LED or high power led.

SMD5630, SMD5050, SMD3535, SMD3014, SMD3528, SMD4014, 1w, 2w, 3w led...

LG, Epistar, Samsung, CREE, Bridgelux and other led/chip brand.

Constant voltage or constant current, high voltage AC110V AC220V AC240V can be done.

LED pcb can be used in many places, for example, led bulb, led street lamp, led panel light, led spotlight, led flood light, led ceiling light, led tube light, led wall wash lamp, cap, medical equipment, showcase, box.

LED pcb is mainly designed for customers’ special demand.

We have excellent design and research team, as long as you can tell us specification.

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