LED Grow strip light is used for plant growth, fruit growth and flower growth.

We only use most professional wavelength to growth, not all red and blue LEDs can be used in led grow strip.

All customers are satisfied with our led to growing strip light effect.

450-455nm blue led and 660-665nm red led are the best choice.

If use other wavelength 460-465nm and 620-625nm, the cost will be much lower, but the effect is not good.

SMD5730 SMD2835 SMD5050 SMD3030 is the main growing led.

SMD5730 led grow strip is the most popular and hot sales, as its power and brightness are best among these growing SMD LEDs.

We have led grow rigid strip and led grow flexible strip.

LED grow rigid strip can add an aluminum profile, pc cover and drop glue to make IP20 IP65 IP68 waterproof.

Standard length is 1m/pc, length can be cut and connected longer.

LED grow flexible strip can be made IP20 IP44 IP65 IP68 waterproof, the standard length is 5m/roll, the length is customized, it can be cut every group.

LED grow strips can be used for tomato, potato, herb, lettuce, seed, coriander, cabbage, grape, etc.

Full-spectrum, UV Infrared LEDs are also used for growth.

Support customized ratio of red-blue UV in LEDs.

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