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Custom Led Strip & Led Pcb, More customization, waiting for you.


● Tell JOYUS led strip details

● If tv led backlight strip, supply original sample to JOYUS

● JOYUS offer pcb drawing for your reference and confirmation

● Start to produce after your confirmation

Welcome to customized new led product!

Kindly tell us led product parameter below:


  1. 1.  Working voltage
  2. 2.  Power (watt)
  3. 3.  LED Type
  4. 4.  LED Quantity
  5. 5.  LED color, LED color temperature
  6. 6.  Working current
  7. 7.  LED PCB length, width and thickness
  8. 8.  PCB materail
  9. 9.  Accessory: cable, connector, double-side tape etc.
  10. 10. Packing requirement
  11. 11. Order quantity

If you can supply us original sample, then it’s will be easier to make.

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